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Q: So what does Creative Loafing have planned for the holidays?



A: Well, as I briefly stated last issue, CL is slated to roll out some big issues during the holiday season.

First off, next issue we're unleashing our annual Holiday Guide. I won't divulge the theme for this year's edition, but rest assured it will change your life! (Well, maybe not your whole life, but that week of your life for sure. OK, maybe like 30 minutes!)

Next up, we're dropping our big New Year's Eve Guide -- giving you the goods on the city's best parties, concerts and more going down as everyone rings in 2009. So don't dole out any cash until you read what we've got to say, OK?

Then, as this year comes to a close, we'll offer a look back at the best and worst stuff that went down in 2008.

And then ... oh, er, I think that's enough for now. Stay tuned.

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