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Q-Skee welcomes new league

Skee-ball finds home in Charlotte



Move over Panthers, keep driving NASCAR and dribble on out of here Bobcats ... there's a new gaming league in town, a new skee-nomenon that trumps all other organized sports. I'm talking about The Charlotte Skee-Ball League. In this league, skee-ball isn't about winning tickets at an arcade; it's about teams like "A-skee/D-skee," "Whiskee Chix," "Run DMSkee," "Skee Nutz" and "Local Celebriskeez" fighting for victory to claim the title.

Skeeson 5 of The Charlotte Skee-Ball League kicks-off (or rolls-off rather) on Oct. 8. But luckily for rookskees like me, last Wednesday they had a Preskeeson Brewskee Ball/Skee-for-Free at Murphy's Food & Spirits.

I ventured into the subculture of gaming society expecting maybe 10 people, but there were hundreds crowded into the back room of Murphy's, rolling a little solid ball up an inclined lane and into a hole. And the mass of hard core skeeballers were all cool, fun-loving, teacher-types. Moreover, seeing as how it was Brewskee Ball, Nikki, their designated skee-ball waitress, was delivering buckets full of $1.75 Bud Selects. And let me tell you, it got a little crazskee.

In fact, they take their skee-ball so seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if they have Faith Hill come sing at the season opener. They have leagues starting in Wilmington and N.Y.C., and they even have trading cards made out ... autographed and all. I knew that it was balls to the wall, so I rounded up a group of Virginia Tech alums and we coined ourselves the "Hokskies."

But at the Skee-for-Free, it was two-on-two, and your partner was drawn at random from the roster, thus making you play with a stranger. When I met my partner, a hottie with a good attitude, I was grateful for the forced socialization, or should I say, soci-skee-lization.

Our competitor was adamant about shutting us out, so I told him "God Skeed." The first ball I rolled went into the corner pocket for 100. Touchdown me! Just call me Brittskee. But after that, I was gutter-balling like a blindfolded bowler. Some guy came up and started yelling at me like a coach trying to put some more pep into my step. "Start hitting 40's and get into the zone!" But, like a fat kid in dodgeball, I was out.

The Charlotte Skee-Ball League may not be on SkeeSPN, but they are bringing sexskee back.

Meanwhile, the home court for the skee-ball league: Murphy's Food & Spirits is a skee-tastic Irish pub with good food and lots of spirit ... both behind the bar and within the people. Think I'm making all this up? Log on to and skee for yourself.

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