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Q: Look, I know you guys have some new stuff to plug — so just plug away, OK?



A: So glad you asked!

Over the last few weeks, Creative Loafing has been launching and announcing tons of new additions to our Web site -- And in an effort to keep this streak going, we've got yet another announcement: Last Thursday (March 12), CL debuted our brand-spanking-new Sex & Love Web site.

Found by visiting and clicking on the "Sex & Love" link, our new Sex & Love site is THE place to find the latest love-and-lust-related news, reviews, interviews, commentary, videos (no, not porn!) and much more.

Content for our Sex & Love site -- by writers like CL's own Mustang Sally and syndicated columnist Dan Savage -- is always frank, candid, informative, funny and uncensored -- and it's updated all day long. So, visitors can check back several times per day to see fresh articles, photos and more about dating and mating in the Queen City. On top of all that, the site features a sleek new design.

My advice? Visit the site: and click on the "Sex & Love" link on the left.

Also, while you're on the site, make sure you check out our other newly launched features:

Eat My Charlotte -- CL's brand-new food blog. (

Brittney Cason After Dark -- Our new nightlife blog, written by long-time CL columnist Brittney Cason (

CL's new Music site -- New features and a great new design (

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