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The Plaster Caster


One of the legends of rock & roll isn't a musician at all but an artist named Cynthia Plaster Caster. Her claim to fame as a follower -- OK, groupie -- was that she cast in plaster the, um, manhood of famous and not so famous musicians and roadies, including Jimi Hendrix. The Plaster Casters even got their own song, recorded by KISS, called, of course, "Plaster Caster," even though Gene Simmons was never cast. Cynthia and her partner Jason Pickleman (!?) have founded the Cynthia Plaster Caster Foundation and are now offering her rather unique art through her website, Casts begin at $750 (Hendrix is $1500) and drawings at $300. I was particularly impressed that she says 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of each musician's cast would go back to that person (or presumably, his estate). Now there's a royalty concept the record companies will be hard pressed to horn in on! So to speak.

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