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Punt, Pass, Kick ... Like a Girl

2006 NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick competition


One of the best things to do on a lazy summer afternoon is to play a game of football in your grandmother's backyard. You and your cousins and some kids from down the street line up on an imaginary line of scrimmage by Grandma's pecan tree and the only focus of the day is to deal the other team a crushing defeat. Gender is completely forgotten as girls come up with some big plays, like streaking to the goal (the back porch) and holding onto the ball even though the wind was knocked out of her and she's bleeding. Good times. The 2006 NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick competition makes those moments worthwhile. This nationwide event hosted locally by the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department invites both girls and boys ages 8-15 to show their skills on the field. It's free to enter, and necessary if you want to keep your bragging rights. Accuracy and distance are the orders of the day, Tuesday, Aug. 22 at Memorial Stadium, 310 N. Kings Drive. Pre-register at and bring a valid birth certificate and the parent-signed waiver. No football cleats allowed, only soft-soled gym shoes.


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