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Promotional Tote Bags With Zippers Why Buy Promotional Goods?


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When you go to a corporate event like a fundraiser or a conference, often there will be free promotional items up for grabs. These could be pens, frisbees, cozies, or notepads. It is almost expected at this point that businesses of all sizes from mom and pop to multinational corporations will have free handouts with their logo and name embossed on the side. Often home improvement firms like plumbers or food delivery like pizza shops will hand out magnets with each order or have them available for pick up on a counter in their business shop. To some extent people expect some level of free goodies. However, what is important is the value of the product to the customer.

A poor choice in promotional item and it will be instantly thrown in the trash and never used. Don’t think that your corporate image isn’t connected to the quality of the item because it is free. If you give out free hats, there is a level of expectation that the hat will be useful. Upon finding out that the hat is useless, the customer will reflect on the poor choices of the company. They were given a hat or a pen, and they want the hat or pen to actually function as a hat or pen. There is no in between. Sure, they understand that it isn’t a gold-plated pen or a motorcycle helmet, but they would like it to last longer than a single use.

Remember that promotional items create free advertising. It takes upwards of six times for an individual to trust a company enough to convert into a customer. So, you need to get your name in front of them as often as possible. The best way to do this is to use promotional goods that are actually useful. They ultimate key to this equation is to use products that are higher quality than single use items. Quality goods last longer, which gives your company a better image and allows for more free advertising over the life of the product.

Are Some Goods Better Than Others?

Yes, there are always better choices. The best choice would be to give everyone in the world a free sports car. Obviously, this isn’t financially practical. The cheapest way would be to give people a single sticker with your logo on it. Who would actually want that? This is also utterly useless. Instead you need to find a comfortable middle ground that maximizes long-term utility and cost.

Buying promotion goods at wholesale prices is an excellent way to drive down costs. This will allow you to buy better quality products which consumers will use for a longer period. You will get free advertising for that individual, and if you buy the right product, you could also get free advertising from the general public that see the customers promotional item.

But how do you get the promotional item in front of the general public if the consumer is using it? You need to buy consumer goods that are shown in public. You need to buy wholesale promotional bags. It may sound odd, but bags are the key to the ultimate in promotional items. Let’s break it down.

When you go to a conference what do you do? You walk around and collect free swag. Where does that swag go? Into a bag that was also free. So, which product would you rather have? The multitude of stuff that is hidden in the bag or the bag that is now being shown off to everyone as that person walks around holding and carrying the bag? It should be a pretty easy answer if you are following the example.

What do you need when you go to the grocery store? You need bags. What do you do when you go to the beach? You need bags to carry your beach stuff. If you provide a quality product that bag with your logo could be shown in all these places and more.

Are Tote Bags Good Promotional Items?

At Tote Bag Factory, there are unlimited skews on all types of bags perfect for promotional items. If you are looking for a highly useful non-single use tote bag then the tote bag with zipper is the perfect solution. The zipper makes it even more functional for all types of travel events. You could see this being used as an item to bring on a plane, or to pack kids’ cloths in for an overnight event. The possibilities are endless because the utility and desirability of bags are endless.

The point here is to go for quality. Consumers know the difference between something that is cheaply made and something that took time and effort. In an era where everything seems to be single use, provide your potential clients with something to remember you. This is the moment to make a difference in the mind of a consumer. You can go the cheap way and buy something that will be immediately thrown out. Or, you could invest in quality products and have free advertising for years.


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