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Prescription for Pain

Court files and the North Carolina Medical Board's Web site



Before you have surgery or select a doctor, you better take a look at court files and the North Carolina Medical Board's Web site, As you can see from these recent disciplinary actions, the board's decisions make for some interesting reading:

Dennis Eugene Bullard: While stating that the Raleigh doc "has a long record of quality care and service that is otherwise unblemished," the medical board suspended his license for six months after five female patients alleged he inappropriately touched them or caused them to touch him. He denied intentional inappropriate contact but acknowledged that he may have touched patients in a way that could be perceived as a "boundary violation."

Randall Robert Mercier: Pinehurst internist's license was suspended indefinitely after he formed "a strong emotional attachment" with a patient that went "beyond the appropriate boundaries." He continued to treat and prescribe a controlled substance for her.

Elisabeth M. Robertson: Statesville doc's license was suspended after she wrote prescriptions for narcotics for a family member and several hospice patients but took the drugs herself. Medicare paid for some of the drugs.

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