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10 Worst Places to be on the Atkins Diet:

1. IHOP, International House of Pancakes

2. Anywhere near the drive through at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

3. The chip and beer aisle at the grocery store: a two sided nightmare

4. In front of a dim sum trolley at Joy Lucky

5. Any sushi bar

6. Across the table from your skinny friend who's chowing down lasagna at Ciro's Italian Restaurant

7. In front of the bread and pastry selection at Nova's Bakery

8. Driving down Camden Road in SouthEnd and smelling Price's fried chicken

9. On a USAirways flight during mealtime

10. Ben & Jerry's

6 Spots for Breakfast:

1. Original Pancake House, Sharon Corners

2. Anderson's, Elizabeth

3. John's Country Kitchen, Plaza Midwood

4. Drive Through at Krispy Kremes on Woodlawn or Independence

5. Greystone Restaurant, South Boulevard

6. Athens Restaurant, Elizabeth

8 Great Neighborhood Places:

1. Lupie's Cafe, Elizabeth

2. Comet Grill, Dilworth

3. Dish, Plaza Midwood

4. Knife & Fork, Cotswold

5. Ilios Noche, south South Charlotte

6. Cabo Fish Taco Baja Sea Grill, NoDa

7. Prickly Pear, Mooresville

8. Black Oak Grille, University area

3 Spots for Tots:

1. Cici's, where you can send them into another room filled with video machines.

2. Kaldi Koffee House in Matthews, which has a play/reading area for kids while parents talk.

3. Pike's Old Fashioned Soda Shop, Camden Road, where the milkshakes will keep them busy.

Most Likely Spot to Find Unruly Tots:

1. O'Charley's, where the kids eat for free and who cares about the other tables.

7 Challenging Places to Order If You Don't Speak English:

1. South 21, if you have to use the car speakers

2. The Penquin

3. La'wan's Soul Food Restaurant

4. Lupie's Cafe

5. Bubba's Barbecue

6. Big Daddy's Seafood of Lake Norman

7. Greg's Bar B Que

8 Challenging Places to Order If You Only Speak English:

1. Taqueria Las Delicias

2. Taqueria Guadalajara

3. Taqueria La Unica

4. Taqueria Allende

5. Mi Tierra Latino Grill, Matthews (open weekends only)

6. Van Loi

7. Trung Nguyen Coffee, East Charlotte

8. South 21, if you have to use the car speakers

Hey, Chamber! Here's Some Locally Owned Eateries

During the recent media focus on Charlotte in the pre-Super Bowl days, some folks at the Chamber and the Charlotte Visitor's Center were at a loss to name more than Green's Lunch, The Penquin, and Price's Chicken Coop as locally owned restaurants. Here's a clip and save list of a few talented local chefs at locally owned restaurants that could have been acknowledged:

1. Be Phan and Axel Dikkers at Cafe Saigon in Ballantyne

2. Bruce Moffett at Barrington's Restaurant

3. Chris Zion at the Meeting House

4. Geoff Bragg at the Peaceful Dragon Tea House, a vegetarian restaurant

5. Jim Alexander at Zebra Restaurant and Wine Bar

6. Mark Martin at Ethan's of Elizabeth

7. Tim Groody at Sonoma Bistro

8. Tom Condron of Mimosa and Upstream

9. No Duong at Lang Van, the oldest Vietnamese restaurant in the city

6 Places to Take It Away:

1. Fried Chicken from Price's Chicken Coop, SouthEnd

2. Just about everything you see at Something Classic, various locations

3. The soups at Berrybrook Farm Natural Food, Dilworth

4. Pastries from Yiasou! (September 9 through 12, 2004, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral), Dilworth

5. Woodlands Pure Vegetarian South Indian Cuisine, East Charlotte

6. Gelato from Dolce Gelato, Dilworth

6 Popular Bar Drinks around Town (not listed in popularity order):

1. Mojito

2. Cosmopolitan

3. Dirty Martini

4. Crown and ginger

5. Jagermeister

6. Champagne cocktails

Fun Wines for Under $15:

1. Roja Bella, Spain. Half Grenache and Tempranillo blend. A great Spanish wine for pizza. $7.99.

2. Grange des Rouquette, a Marsanne/Viognier blend. $11.99

3. Don Miguel Gascon Malbec, Argentina. $12.99

4. Fat Croc Shiraz from Australia. A full-bodied wine that won't cost you an arm and a leg. $9.99

5. Fat Croc Chardonnay, Australia. $9.99

6. Mionetto Moscato Spumante, Italy. $14.99; Prosecco Spumante. $12.99, Half bottles $8.99. Easy drinking sparkling wines to drink before you go out.

Overused and Overrated Concepts in Area Restaurants:

1. Wine Bars. It was a 90s term. Move on.

2. Restaurant Wine Tastings. Will it end before the Coffee Cup, Green's Lunch and Price's Chicken begin to offer them?

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