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Phillip Higginbotham

Marketing director for 96.1 The Beat


His name is Phillip Higginbotham, but it'd probably be easier to just call him P-Love. He serves as the marketing director for 96.1 The Beat radio station, and he's also the designated morning show stunt guy.

Driving down Monroe Road a few weeks ago, did you catch a glimpse of a guy in a frog suit lying across the hood of an SUV going through a car wash? Yeah, that was him.

Other famous P-Love stunts include: handing out "life water" garbed only in Speedo shorts and duct taping himself to a telephone pole.

Some people might assume P-Love's nickname is born from his auspicious luck with the ladies; however, it's actually an indirect result of barbeque. When he was in college, he worked as a cook at Bandana's Bar B Que and Grill in Boone and became obsessed with G-Love's special sauce. When he mentioned that on an internship at the media company Clear Channel, the name P-Love was born.

His favorite sandwich contains peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise.

The Levine Children's Hospital has a special place in his heart. He became good friends with one of the patients there and "watched him go from extremely sick to cancer-free." He says that experience put everything in perspective for him. "He's laying there, fighting for life and you're bitching about going to work."