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Phear Khath's Top Five

Student and traveler



A lover of the arts and a "traveling culture vulture," Phear Khath is currently working on his associates degree at CPCC and seeing as much of the world as he possibly can in the meantime.

1) Music: "I'm into all types right now, but I especially listen to a lot of alternative stuff like The Fray, Nada Surf, Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay, Bjork, and Damien Rice. When I'm in a techno/dance mood, I will listen to anything by ATB, D.H.T. and DJ Prada G."

2) Movies: "I recently saw Little Miss Sunshine, which I really enjoyed, but my all time favorite movie is this French film called Wild Reeds. I found it really moving. It's a coming-of-age story that follows four teenagers as they experience their political and sexual awakening."

3) Books: "Naieve.Super by a Norweigen author named Erlend Loe."

4) Eats: "I'll eat anything Italian, and my mom makes great Cambodian so of course anything she cooks is great."

5) Travel: "Right now I'm obsessed with Vancouver. When I went in 2004, I found it to be very cosmopolitan and multicultural. Since it's surrounded by the ocean on three sides, the scenery is very beautiful. It's awe-inspiring to see the North Shore mountains in the backdrop of the city."

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