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"Perfectly rational human beings become lunatics over water,"

says Honey Rand, a Tampa consultant, who has fought the H2O wars from California to, most recently, North Georgia. The environment and urban sprawl are concerns in every state we visited.

Honey Rand: "Tomorrow we expect five inches of rain here from [Hurricane] Jeanne. And what did I notice when I left my house? One of my neighbors is irrigating his lawn. Does that make sense? I'm all for ratting on neighbors who break the water restrictions. Sprawl puts a tremendous demand on water supplies. Sprawl creates pollution running off into streams."

Let's also listen to Regina Dorsey, who works at the Chrome Grille Cafe at Graceland in Memphis (where she sometimes has to shoo away the prank-playing ghost of Elvis); and Apalachicola's Joe and Jeanette Taylor.

Regina Dorsey: "I moved from Atlanta, hated all of the congestion. You couldn't breathe. But it's no better here."

Joe Taylor: "If you want to start a hot topic, talk about the water coming down the Apalachicola River, which branches off from the Chattahoochee. Around here, we often don't say good things about Atlanta. We feel they'd just rather pay fines than do anything about the water quality."

Jeanette Taylor: "The fishing industry is hurt. Shrimpers catch less and less each year. And it's because of what's in the water going into the bay."

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