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Peguele Al Trifasico Con Azpero Sumbein

Bakalao stars


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Self-released; Release date: June 15, 2007

The Deal: Charlotte's Spanish rockers release their latest CD.

The Good: I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting high production quality when I read it was recorded at Evening Muse -- I expected a typical, hazy live album. However, there are no complaints on production or sound -- the audio is clear. Joe Kuhlmann did a great job with the production and recording for this studio release. With hints of reggae, rap, and latin rhythms, Bakalao Stars offer up something fun and funky like the offspring of a tequila-filled night between Sublime and Ozomatli. Most of the tracks lean toward Spanish reggae, but there is a definite latin influence outside of the lyrics. The band also throws in a quick cover of "Red, Red Wine" in the middle of "Momentos Kodak." No complaints about the 18 tracks either -- give or take a few "Intros."

The Bad: While 99 percent of the album is in Spanish, there are moments of English which did little more than confuse the translation going on in my head.

The Verdict: It doesn't matter if you speak Spanish or not -- good music can be enjoyed by everyone. The release party will be held at Neighborhood Theatre on June 15.


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