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Pearls & The Changing Dynamics Of Power Fashion

Pearls have personified wealth and prosperity since time immemorial, which is why pearl jewelry have been sported by the rich and famous from the fields of entertainment to politics. The classic gemstone has retained its charm over the last two centuries whether you take a cue from the Victorian era or modern-day Hollywood. Versatile and dynamic, pearls have always been associated with femininity, sophistication, charm, and – more recently – power.

The whole world sat up and took notice of pearls in the January of 2021 as a highly charismatic Kamala Harris took an oath for the position of the 49th Vice President of the United States of America. Apart from being the first female VP, she also made history for holding the highest rank in U.S. history. Throughout her campaign, she could rarely be seen without her signature pearls adding to the posh glamour of her overall look. Other than serving as an embodiment of elegance, pearls also served as a symbol of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority of madam Vice President whose founders are known as the Twenty Pearls.

For Vice President Harris, pearls stand out as a representation of sisterhood and friendship which incubated during her university years. She adorned a necklace by New York jeweler Wilfredo Rosado studded with Australian south sea pearls and white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. This bold and elegant design of the pearl necklace reflected the stellar combination of femininity and toughness which helped Kamala win big in the elections.

The US Vice President wore a single strand of white pearls while graduating from Howard University and the same trend could be seen during every momentous occasion of her life. She accessorized her look with black Tahitian pearls while swearing into Congress and taking the Covid-19 vaccination. Pearls have become a symbol of female empowerment and various groups were formed in social media for garnering more support towards Vice President Harris by wearing pearls in solidarity.

Various businesswomen, politicians and royalty have also gravitated towards pearls throughout history as their signature style. After all, no other gem can allow a woman to feel both graceful and powerful at the same time as that of pearls. If you are someone who doesn’t like too much bling, then pearls can surely captivate your senses with its alluring yet feminine glow. Indra Nooyi the retired PepsiCo CEO is another inspirational lady with an incredible career trajectory who wouldn’t be caught dead without her signature pearls. And how can we ever forget Queen Elizabeth II, who has made three-strand pearl necklaces a part of her royal wardrobe while attending official engagement.

You might have noticed that pearls form an important part of the wardrobe basics of First Ladies and the prospective ones during campaign trail. This can be traced back to the times of Martha Washington (1731-1802) and her pearl strand necklace. Coming to modern times, iconic First ladies like Jackie Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama were all photographed wearing pearls and radiating steely glamour. Pearls are believed to instill a magical confidence in these ladies for bringing along a jolt of poise and determination to tackle the press scrutiny at different events.

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