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Pat's GovRace chatrooom

The mayor's secret IMs, cont.


Chat w/ EdtrRicky & BigDukey

10 a.m.

FratBoy1: Rick? Jim?

FratBoy1: Rick Thames, Jim Rogers, u there?

EdtrRicky: Rite here, Pat

BigDukey: I'm here, 2

FratBoy1: OK, guys, how'd it go?

EdtrRicky: U were GR8!

BigDukey: Ditto

FratBoy1: 2U2!

EdtrRicky: ?4U, Pat. Anything else I can do 4U?

FratBoy1: U mean, other than making sure my governor's race announcement was on the front page, the same day you ran my op-ed transportation column & an editorial about me? No, that's probably enuf! LOL!

BigDukey: Yeah, Rick, dontcha think U kinda gilded the lily?

EdtrRicky: Well, excuuuse me, Mister Duke Energy. I thot we were all working 2gether on this governor thing

BigDukey: OK, but U ever heard of finesse?

FratBoy1: WTF? Dont start fighting, U both know UR my BFFs, and we have a long way to go

EdtrRicky: UR right

BigDukey: Yeah, UR right. I thot the story about "quitting" Duke Energy was a nice touch. Good PR

EdtrRicky: Y'd U use quotes for "quitting"?

FratBoy1: How's that secret fund work again?

BigDukey: TMI!! OMG! Never mind that shit

EdtrRicky: OK, but I wanna know about that secret fund thing. Pat, I thot the shtick about "reaching out 2 the people" went over well -- I'm glad U took my advice and cut out the "especially rich white Republicans" part

BigDukey: U were going 2 say that?

FratBoy1: I thot honesty was the best policy -- ROFL!

EdtrRicky: OBTW, U need 2B careful, Pat. 1 of our reporters wants 2 know Y U didn't mention running for Gov when U ran for reelection

FratBoy1: Cant U shut her up?

EdtrRicky: Not really, the pretense of independent journalism & all that

FratBoy1: I'll just keep saying I thot of the gov race during the mayoral campaign

BigDukey: Good 1. Now, let's get serious. When do I get my new nukes?

FratBoy1: Hey, when I'm elected, we can talk about it

BigDukey: Excuse me?

FratBoy1: WTN?

BigDukey: Wadda U mean, WTN? I own UR ass, IIRC, & I want those nukes ASAP - have U seen how much shit I'm taking for that damned Cliffside coal plant?

EdtrRicky: So UR saying a possible nuke accident is a better risk than greenhouse gases from coal?

BigDukey: No, IBK, I'm saying it's better than losing my job coz we're not pumping enough juice

FratBoy1: OK, OK, I'll C how quickly I can move on it

BigDukey: Well, it better be damned quick, if U get my drift

FratBoy1: You can't talk 2 me like that!

BigDukey: O yeah? Well, BOHICA

FratBoy1: That's not fair, I'm the one running for governor

BigDukey: I said BOHICA!

FratBoy1: Yessir

EdtrRicky: but LOL! BTW, when RU gonna get those lites on the freeway?

BigDukey: Leave it to U, Rick -- always focused on the big issues - ROFL!

EdtrRicky: Lighten up, Jim, readers care about those lites

BigDukey: Ooh, your readers! You mean the 1's you call The Morons?

EdtrRicky: Yes, and so what? We'll need those morons in the gov race

BigDukey: Bite me, Rick

EdtrRicky: Hey, how'd U like a whole series on Cliffside and global warming?

BigDukey: How'd U like for me to pull all our ads from the paper?

FratBoy1: OMG, settle down! Something I'm not clear on - how do we make hay from my "tougher anti-gang measures" talk?

EdtrRicky: Just keep talking -- U dont really need 2 do much - voters just love hearing that UR planning to do something. Repubs never see gang members - Xcept maybe TKE members - LOL -- so they'll think UR on top of the situation

FratBoy1: But what if the Dems find out I'm just blowin hot air?

BigDukey: Personally, I dont give a shit about the Dems - just get me those nukes!

FratBoy1: OMG! Will you friggin relax?!

BigDukey: I'll relax - just dont blow this race. U've never had serious competition before & I think you ought to hire a big consultant

FratBoy1: Oh yeah, like that did Vinroot any good when HE ran

EdtrRicky: Is that what U mean by the campaign being run like a garage band?

FratBoy1: Yeah, we're all about being DIY

BigDukey: U dweebs R2 much for me. Good luck, Pat - but watch UR ass

BigDukey has left the chat

EdtrRicky: Jeez, what a grouch. Now, Pat, about that secret fund U mentioned

FratBoy1 has left the chat

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