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Pat Green discusses new album What I'm For



Pat Green's new album, What I'm For, dropped on Jan. 27. If you have yet to get it, or upload it onto your iPod -- might I suggest you go ahead and do so. Or at least purchase the singles "Footsteps of our Fathers" and the remix of "Carry On."

Pat Green had time before kick-off for the Cotton Bowl to talk to me about his new album ... and we got off on a tangent about football. He said he rooted for my Hokies against Cincinnati, which made me like him even more. "There are over 80,000 Texas Tech alumni going to the game and I am honored they called on me to be on the sidelines," he said.

Out of his 13 albums, he said this is his best album yet. That is a bold statement considering it's rivaling Wave on Wave, Carry On and Lucky. He said with this album he feels like he's come into his own and wants to write songs by a man, by a father, by a guy that kind of has a handle on the situation. He proclaimed, "I am stand-up, chest-out proud about this album." And with his first single "Let Me" already on the top-20 list on radio now ... he has a lot of be proud about.

Pat Green and I both have the same favorite song on the album -- "Footsteps of our Fathers." "It's the best song I've ever been a part of writing -- it can mean so many things to different people," he said.

His label suggested he remix his own classic, "Carry On," as it's one of his most popular tracks, and Green did not detest as it's his favorite to perform live. "It's the same song -- we just moved the furniture around."

I asked him if he were to make a "Best Of" album which songs he'd include. He said his favorites might be different from the fans' favorites, but he would first and foremost put his songs that were radio hits such as "Wave on Wave," "Take Me Out to the Dance Hall" and "Baby Doll."

"My favorites are the more eclectic songs like 'Sweet Revenge' and 'If I Was the Devil,'" he said, adding that he can't wait to get back to Charlotte to perform.

We can't wait either.

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