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Party brings out best of charlotte

Fountains, food and friends highlight annual soiree


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In a few weeks, I am departing the QC for NYC, but last week NYC came to the QC. Or so it seemed.

Nicole Ritchie, her baby bump and Good Charlotte were here evading paparazzi outside a local radio station, but, more importantly, fake paparazzi were hovering the red carpet at CL's Best Of Party. The pseudo star-studded red carpet led to the N.C. Music Factory -- an office building turned Hollywood party palace.

Surrounding the red carpet and N.C. Music Factory landmark fountain were Ferraris and Mercedes so nice the owners had to stand outside and monitor the picture posers and their greasy handprints. The star treatment extended to the catered cuisine from local establishments such as Dream Dinners, Creation and Cajun Queen. Not to mention the two tables full of chocolate-covered fruits from Edible Arrangements and Kelley's Chocolate Berries, who made celebrity strawberries. "Beyonce" was delicious.

People were partying like a Lohan -- with candy cigarettes and flashing ring-pop party favors, in addition to beers from the bar and jello shots down the hall at Bullzeye Creative.

I am completely right-brained, meaning mathematically slow, but am savvy enough to figure out this equation -- if you take the best things about Charlotte, add them together and then multiply that with a celebration, you get the best party ever.

If Charlotte had an Us Weekly or a Life & Style Magazine, then all the cover stars were present. There was a handsome woman handing out awards and performing to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." Big Mamma D, along with some Purgatory performers, were having a makeshift show in the parking lot (and I accidentally caught a glimpse of a nipple as big as my head). The diversity of those awarded "the best of the best" made for a genre-assorted crowd. Even my fellow paid partier, Tonya Jameson from the Observer, was there.

I am just relieved the paparazzi was fake, or else they'd have some incriminating photos of me fully submerged, swimming in the fountain. In true Hollywood fashion, there was a limo delivering those still standing to the after party at TILT where I went sopping wet.

Meanwhile, The Forum -- the closest thing to a Hollywood/NYC club in the QC -- hosted the Ed Hardy Fashion Show last week, where there were guys in fashion and in uniform.

Oh, and if you were curious (or to insert a shameless self plug), I'm going to NYC to do an interview on MAXIM Radio on Sirius.


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