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Last week I opted to watch the big game ... as in the Super Bowl of Carolina basketball -- Duke vs. UNC -- at Daddy's Sports Bar, the newest edition to uptown's nightlife roster (as if Charlotte needs another sports bar).

Daddy's, conveniently located a block away from Stool Pigeons (their competitor), was formerly Twist, the short lived lounge-club that converted into a sports bar before shutting down shop and transforming into Daddy's. (I swear this bar changes its name and ambiance more often than I change the oil in my car. They might as well just call it Jiffy Lube.)

But different name, different bar. The circular bar is no longer situated in the middle of the floor, and the top floor is no longer a blocked off VIP section; now it's merely just a bar with a lot of tables and TVs. You can spin your bar stool in a circle and not miss a second of a game because there are TVs at every angle. Like most sports bars, they have wing nights and cheap beer. But unlike most sports bars they have a non-smoking policy up until 10 p.m. -- and the crowd cheers: "Go Daddy's!"

And when you're up for more than just spectating sports, you can grab a ball and get into your own game at George Pappas Park Lanes for some bowling under the influence. Pappas is a good spot for a low-key Monday night or a wild Saturday night following their league bowling from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. And you don't even have to fret over what shoes to wear. Pappas gets as crowded as any bar on a Saturday night, and the crowd is a diverse assortment of different bar crowds with groups of couples and friends downing both pins and pitchers of beer.

According to the jingle, we all wanna "be like Mike" and according to the crowds out last Friday we all wanna hang out with Mike too. I went to the Sunset Club for Sonny (one of the owner's) birthday party and ended up at Michael Jordan's private party that followed the Bobcats game. Guests included Bob Johnson and lines of women (and groupies alike) wanting to get up on Mike. The party later migrated to The Forum where Jordan and entourage filled the VIP section to maximum capacity. Jordan just chilled the entire night chatting up strangers, puffing on his cigar, and relished in Charlotte's nightlife. But I later found out that the group of millionaires practically stiffed their waitress at Sunset. Now, if you think Michael Jordan being in town is kind of a big deal, just wait until CIAA week ...

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