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Padlist: An online real estate database platform for renters and landlords.

The smarter way to find and list pads




Charlotte, N.C. | Padlist started in 2018. Husband and wife team, Lindsay and Blake Van Leer, had been in the Apartment Locator business for a decade. They learned over the years how stressful apartment finding was for renters. Their goal was to make moving easier for people by streamlining the process from start to finish. Lindsay and Blake applied their experience, knowledge and resources from renters and property managers to create an excellent online rental search process.

is a map-based, apartment and home search site for renters across the United States. With clean, straightforward, yet robust, web and mobile platforms, Padlist offers renters a fast and easy way to find their next home.

"The smarter way to find and list pads." By combining smart technology, data transparency and local experts, Padlist moves away from the static vibe of current real estate search platforms to connect landlords and renters faster and easier.

Industry Problem

Renters and landlords need an easier and faster way to find each other. However, data is limited, images look different from reality, and renters lack access to local info and vendors that could help make their move more seamless.

Padlist Solution

Padlist connects renters and landlords easier and faster. Renters are empowered with options - they can work with a local expert, or use Padlist’s AI and drone technology platform to match with homes online. Landlords receive lead value with qualified referral generation. Padlist creates additional revenue streams, and benefits communities, by connecting renters to local resources through an interactive data map and vendor lists.

Business Model

Industry rates are approx. $1000-$2500+/mo subscription fee. Padlist charges multi-family buildings (25+ units) a 3 tiered monthly subscription fee ($250 | $500 | $700). Plus, receives additional revenue streams: 1) Private Landlords: Free to list, pay premium to upgrade; 2) Renters: Application fee; 3) Affiliate + advertising revenue; 4) Not just a lead gen/advertising site, Padlist is also a data company.

The Padlist Team

Founders and Officers

Blake Van Leer

Blake’s love for technology and marketing began as a teenager with online video game development, involving complex ecosystems, fictional-donation currency, economics and guerrilla marketing. For over 15 years, he has implemented, managed and held executive positions overseeing the marketing and technology departments of residential real estate and commercial land development companies. Blake’s resume includes Special Advisor to Kathy Ireland® and cbdMD (NYSE American: YCBD) providing strategic planning on high level topics, partnerships, acquisitions and technology endeavors as well as Co-Founder and CEO of BLVD, a well-diversified creative and tech driven marketing company powered by AI and data analytics. Blake currently serves as CEO of Padlist, a national smart technology real estate platform.

Lindsay Van Leer

Lindsay’s passion to operate, organize and communicate has been the driving force behind successful roles in both executive leadership and business ownership over the years. Directly out of college, she co-founded her first real estate investment company, which expanded to offices in multiple states. With over 15 years experience in the real estate field, she co-founded Padlist, a national smart technology rental platform, to capitalize on an underserved market in the industry. She currently serves as its COO where she has had a hands-on role in its development from generating its first sale to designing and developing its robust custom CRM to support the sales and operations teams. Lindsay’s resume includes Co-Founder and COO of BLVD, a marketing and technology company as well as Special Advisor to Kathy Ireland® and cbdMD (NYSE American: YCBD).

Key Team Members

Lucas Minissale
Technology Director

Dawn Hamer
Operations Director

Jen Gilmore
Sales Director

Michael Schatz
Creative Director

Notable Advisors & Investors

Kathy Ireland
Advisor, Advisory Board Chair, Chief Editor & Brand Strategist at Padlist

Matt McFee
Advisor, Founding Partner, Successful Exit at BriteVerify

Pierre Calzadilla

Advisor, 16 years in PropTech, 8 years Trulia Sales & Marketing Leader

DR Dwyer
Advisor, VP, Head of Marketing at Related Companies

Company Highlights

  • 85,000+ renter database with 200+ online reviews including an average 4.9-star rating on Google
  • Signed agreements with 170+ multi-family buildings including 11 of the country's Top 25 largest apartment managers
  • Co-Founders have a combined 30+ years of real estate, technology and marketing experience, including roles as Special Advisors to Kathy Ireland and cbdMD
  • Notable Partner: Kathy Ireland (kathy ireland® Worldwide), which has $2.6B in annual sales and is the 26th largest licensor in the world (Forbes 2016 & License Global 2019)
  • Notable Advisory Board: Kathy Ireland, Pierre Calzadilla (Trulia), DR Dwyer (Related Companies), and Matt McFee (BriteVerify)

Fundraise Highlights

  • Total Amount Raised: US $1,228
  • Total Round Size: US $2,000,000
  • Raise Description:  Seed
  • Minimum Investment:  US $1,000 per investor
  • Security Type:  Preferred Equity
  • Pre-Money Valuation:  US $8,000,000
  • Offering Type:   Side by Side Offering

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