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Overkill? What overkill?

Local media's version of proper respect


Day 1, Sunday

Channel 1 Eyewitness News

[Head shot of reporter C. James Coif] Patty, I'm here at Timber Ridge apartments in east Charlotte where, as we've been reporting, two Charlotte policemen, Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton, were tragically killed last night. As the city gears up for what should be a massive display of love and respect for the officers, we'll be on the scene. Now, Timber Ridge is part of the eastside "corridors of crap" Mayor McCrory recently described. Is the mayor's characterization unfair, or does this double police murder prove his point? We asked some Timber Ridge residents.

[Shot of female resident, crying. Tagline: Ms. Lenora Webb] I'm not thinking about the mayor right now, I just can't believe these two policemen were killed right here in this spot where my kids play every day ... I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.

[Head shot of male resident. Tagline: Antwan Bonner] The mayor? What's he got to do with this? Man, get out of here.

[C. James Coif] Obviously, these Timber Ridge residents aren't too happy about the mayor's statements. We also wanted to talk to some of the Timber Ridge children, but, surprisingly, their parents wouldn't let us in the door. You have to feel for children caught up in this situation, their family holding them virtual prisoners, their apartments surrounded by media, their favorite TV shows drowned out by our helicopters. Our heart goes out to these children. Now, back to you, Patty. This is C. James Coif, Channel 1 Eyewitness News.

[Head shot of anchorwoman Patty Botox] Thanks, C. James. We'll be right back after this.

[Cut to commercial] Kids! Meet your Death-tiny! That's right, it's Death-tiny, the newest video game from the folks that brought you Bust A Cap and Homicide Agenda ...

Day 2, Monday

NBC1 Carolinas'News Channel

[Head shot of anchorman Joey Hairdo] City Council members wore blue ribbons tonight in honor of the two murdered Charlotte police officers, and spoke of the need to do more to fight crime. Councilwoman Susan Burgess said, "We just have to find a way to make our community better from this experience," after which Council carried on with its regular agenda. Ms. Burgess, we assume, will offer more details on how to make the community better at a future meeting.

Day 3, Tuesday

WBLT 1 On Your Side News

[Head shot of anchorman Saul Bland] ... and during the break we received word that the hearing for 25-year-old Demetrius Montgomery has ended. He appeared with two court-appointed lawyers, and was told he'd been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. At the end of the hearing, Montgomery asked for protection from a lynch mob he believed was outside the courtroom. He visibly relaxed when told it was only about 50 TV news reporters and camera crews.

Channel 1 Eyewitness News

[Overhead shot of small crowd] [Voice-over] Below us here in Chopper 1, you can see about 25 residents of Timber Ridge apartments, gathered at the site of the policemen's killings, surrounded by flowers, candles, balloons and cards. Moments ago, the crowd stood in a semi-circle and prayed, in tribute to the officers. Earlier today, two different groups of police personnel and members of the slain policemen's families gathered here to pay their respects. We decided not to show you those gatherings, out of respect for the family members.

[Shot of angry man, pointing into camera] Get out of here, you damned vultures!

[Voice-over] Oops, didn't mean to air that. As we were saying, the site of the killings has been turned into a shrine of sorts, as people find their own ways to show proper respect for the slain policemen.

[Shot of angry man, pointing into camera] Get out of here, you damned vultures!

[Voice-over] Damn it, who keeps running that shot?! Back to you, Saul.

Day 4, Wednesday

WBLT Radio

[Voice of broadcaster Johnny Anger] These policemen were heroes, and the lowlife who killed them needs to face swift justice! Did you happen to notice in news reports that the killer doesn't have a father or mother? There's your problem -- the little inconvenient fact that most crimes are committed by people who weren't raised in a God-fearing, two-parent suburban home. People, things won't get any better till we get rid of the scum that are flaunting our traditions and, now, killing our cops. When will America wake up? I'll be back right after this.

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[Sue] Oh, hi Sam. Yesterday, this guy in the grocery store parking lot tried to take my purse, but I wouldn't let him have it and the purse flew back and hit me in the eye. (Chuckles) I scared him away pretty quickly, though.

[Sam] How'd you do that, Sue?

[Sue] With this!

[Sam] Whoa! A 9mm Glock!

[Sue] Yep, I took your advice and went to Gary's Guns & More and now I'm ready for any jerk who tries to mess with me.

[Sam] You're a wise woman, Sue.

[Voice-over] Yes, these are dangerous times. You need protection. Put your mind at ease at Gary's Guns & More. Come see us today. It's what Jeff and Sean would want you to do.

Day 5, Thursday

NBC1 Carolinas'News Channel

[Head shot of anchorman Joey Hairdo] ... and here are some scenes from Officer Clark's funeral, as shown on NBC1 earlier today.

[Shot of Mayor McCrory at lectern] This is a sad day for SHAR-lut, and as mayor, I offer condolences for the whole community. Sean was a brave man, we owe him our thanks and respect, he won't be forgotten, he gave 110 percent, we have to pull together, we're a great city, justice will prevail, and, um, what else? Oh yeah, a penny saved is a penny earned, and, uhhhh, don't do anything I wouldn't do. So take it from me -- SHAR-lut will recover and, um, well, I guess that's it.

[Sudden cut to Joey Hairdo chatting with someone off camera] ... hey, I agree, I love this kind of story. It's sad, and viewers almost feel like they have to watch. We can ride it till ...

[Cut to commercial]

Day 6, Friday

WBLT 1 On Your Side News

[Overhead shot of funeral procession and people lined up on side of the road, some giving helicopter the finger][Voice of anchorman Saul Bland] Jeff, what kind of message are the people on the sidewalk there sending?

[Voice of reporter Jeffrey R. Murrow] Well, Saul, I'd say it's a message that this community has come together, we're mourning together for the loss of two fine young men, and we're showing them the respect they are due.

[Voice of Saul Bland] I'd agree with you, Jeff, respect is the key, and this community has shown plenty of it. Say, were you able to get a word with the hearse driver?

[Voice of Jeffrey R. Murrow] Nah, he blew it off, the turd.

[Voice of Saul Bland] Jeff, we're still on the air.

[Voice of Jeffrey R. Murrow] Crap!

[Head shot of Saul Bland] Looks like we lost our transmission from Jeff, but he'll be back later. Just a reminder, WBLT Channel 1 will conduct group counseling for any viewers who feel traumatized by the Clark and Shelton killings, right here at our studios, beginning next Wednesday. And it's free. Just bring in a proof of purchase from any Harris Teeter brand product, and the counseling is yours. And don't forget, you'll get a "Tribute To Jeff and Sean" T-shirt with the WBLT logo on the back -- exclusively from WBLT 1 News. We're on your side.

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