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He is a self-styled master of the airwaves, a music connoisseur and a comedian: he is Otis of the "O Show" on KISS 95.1.

His love of radio goes all the way back to his early high school years when he "job shadowed" at a local radio station in Illinois. After getting that first taste of being live on the air, he couldn't get enough and has been on the radio ever since.

He became the program director of the radio station at Illinois State University and it was there the "O Show" was born. He was tagged "Otis;" the name stuck and has become his permanent radio moniker.

"My only claim to fame is that I dated Kelly Clarkson's best friend for a while." Otis has also found a passion in Web design. He is self-taught and uses his hobby to let his creativity out. He is constantly tweaking his Web site,

If Otis makes you laugh, a lot of the credit goes to him; he writes most of his own jokes and bits we hear on weeknights from 7 p.m. to midnight. "I feel fortunate that I have the freedom to be inventive and write much of my own material," says Otis. "I love to make people laugh, and I've really thought about trying standup, but it's a lot different trying to be funny in front of a live audience than on the air."

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