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Oscar Prophets

What film will win the Best Picture award at the Oscars on Sunday?

Lawrence Singer
Automobile salesman

"Hey, I know it's not nominated, but you know what I'd really like to see win? Pieces of April -- that chick's mom was a bitch, but she was hot."

James "Scooter" Cooley
Wine Steward

"Oh, probably Return of the King although everyone with more refined taste, like my friends and I, is pulling for Lost In Translation.

Phyllis Maloney
Landscape designer

"I think Mystic River's gonna surprise 'em all because the Tim Robbins character reminds me of my first husband and he always did love to go to the movies, so I think that's the one that'll win."

Sissy Clarkson
Consignment Shop Owner

"I wish they could combine them, like, Seabiscuit & The Ring or Master of Mystic River or something like that. Wouldn’t that just be so cool?!”

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