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Usually for fund-raisers, people gather, shmooze and are basically talked to death until they agree to give for a "good cause" (remember Jim Bakker and his PTL Ministry?). But, Operation Freefall isn't your run-of-the-mill fund-raiser. Here, participants agree to raise a minimum of $600 in sponsorships for United Family Services' Victims Assistance/Rape Crisis program, SOAR (Speaking Out Against Rape) and RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), very good causes especially in light of certain activities on a prestigious campus in Durham. Our good Samaritans are rewarded with the trip of a lifetime -- a two-mile high skydive! Don't miss UFS CEO Mark Pierman's descent, as there's a wager pending. Rounding out the day-long event are a Carolina pig pickin', performances by Shadowflag, the opportunity to fly in a Pitts biplane, a 30-way skydive formation show and Red Wagon ice cream. Come out and show your support Saturday, April 29 at Skydive Carolina, 1903 King Air Drive, Chester, SC. Visit for more details.

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