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One Man's Trash

Monica Mints


The Weird: The seller advertises this auction item as the original Arkansas quarter for 2003, but then notes it's a proposed design. . .hmmm. Let's see. What popular American icon of past years was from Arkansas? Ah. Bill Clinton, you say? I think you might be right. And what is Bill Clinton best known for outside of scarfing down Big Macs while on jogging excursions? Now you're getting it. Worth a quick surf just to see the picture.


The Wonderful: The Salt Lake City Winter Olympics are, ahem, hot right now, and the hottest team there is the US Olympic Halfpipe Snowboard Team. Here we have a snowboard signed by most of the men's team -- three of these guys swept the medals in the event, something Americans haven't done in a Winter Olympics event since 1952. The board includes Ross Powers, who won the gold, young rebel Danny Kass, who nabbed silver, and bronze medalist J. J. Thomas.

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