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Lincoln: More Than A Penny


The Weird: Smokers have to be forgiven for a lot of things. They're grumpy, they stink, and their cars have less resale value. What smokers do have going for them is their striving to enhance the smoking experience, which has led to those neato lighters you can buy where a woman's bikini fades away when you turn the torch upside down. And then there's the "Donkey Asshole" cigarette dispenser. Place your cigarettes in the back of the ass, er, donkey, pull down his ears, and one shoots out his butt. And you wonder why no one can ever quit smoking. It's too damn fun! You can find 'em at:


The Wonderful: Deep-pocketed collectors of Americana and fans of the Great Emancipator, rejoice. A seller on eBay is auctioning off what he claims to be the earliest known picture ever taken of Abraham Lincoln, a daguerreotype taken in September 1841. Full background on the piece is available at The seller is also throwing in full copyrights to the photo. Why, you ask? Well, when you're buying something for 14 million dollars, you kinda want to make sure yours is the only one. Bruton Smith, are you listening?


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