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One man Star Wars

Saturday, Feb. 17



Can Charles Ross, the mastermind who performs his own One Man Star Wars, really be serious? Or is the Canadian actor, in fact, making a mockery of the stupendous George Lucas trilogy? The answer is a resounding yes! Half homage and half satire, Ross reduces the long-ago faraway galaxy and its titanic confrontations to a mere hour, playing all the roles, singing the familiar music, and flying the warp-speed spaceships himself. With plenty of SFX from the light and sound booths. Originally scheduled for October but postponed due to its London success, the national One Man Star Wars tour stops for just one evening at McGlohon Theatre -- but for two performances. After his 7 p.m. Han Solo performance, Ross rewinds and brings back the whole Obi Wan caboodle at 9 p.m. Tickets are $25 and $20. Call 704-372-1000.

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