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OK, CL readers, we have to admit the rise in teen deaths in automobile accidents is scandalous. Have you ever considered that handing Jimmy the keys to the car just because he passed some bogus test and charmed the instructor at the DMV could constitute as negligence? It's true. But thanks to the folks at Driver's Edge, now there's a way for Jimmy to get the proper hands-on instruction he needs without you (parents) having to give up your precious "free time." The Driver's Edge mission is "to save lives and to make our highways safer through comprehensive hands on youth driver education." Basically, their volunteers (Note: professional race car drivers and driving instructor) cover real-life situations like bad weather conditions, panic braking and DEALING WITH OTHER DRIVERS. It makes the perfect Mother's Day gift -- peace of mind. Just register at to bring Jimmy to the Charlotte Coliseum on Friday, May 12 or Saturday, May 13 from 8am-1pm and rest assured he will be able to drive safely when he leaves or it's a lost cause.


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