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O.J. Farrar

Semipro skater boy


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Charlotte native O.J. Farrar is a semipro skateboarder representing labels like Blacksheep and Saturday Skateboards. If he doesn't go pro, his exceptional drawing skills will be his claim to fame.

Since he was 7 years old, Farrar has been on the board training for the day he breaks into professional skateboarding. At just 21, he is one of the younger semipro skaters in the industry.

Farrar boasts more than just local sponsorships; he also represents national labels like Nike and Hubba Wheels. "Hubba Wheels has really shown me a lot of support; they always have pictures of me posted on their Web site."

Farrar looks forward to having some of his footage included in pro skateboarder Clyde Singleton's newest video Minority Report 2, a project that showcases the talents of minority skaters.

His other love is drawing and sketching. To keep up on his talent, Farrar takes art classes at CPCC. If skateboarding doesn't become his bread and butter, he will try to become a professional artist.

"I have a lot of favorite tricks, but the one that stands out the most is the 'switch flip' or 'switch kickflip.' A kickflip is when you pop the board like an ollie but you make the board flip with your toe. The difference between a switch flip and a regular kickflip is you're going the opposite way for the switch flip, like using your left and right hand. Most people are good with the right hand but if you're ambidextrous, that's even better. That's how you have to be in skateboarding these days, gotta be able to use both hands, so to speak."


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