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Ohio Transplant Serves Up Solo Debut

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In the spring of last year, Kevin Brawley relocated to Charlotte from Ohio and he's been focused on music ever since. His debut solo CD, Waltzing on Eggshells, was released on June 12.

The Good: The multi-talented Brawley plays guitar, keyboards and percussion on the album which is "inspired by two unpredictable years of marriage." The opening track, "Les is More," opens with an eery electronic intro that quickly changes gears into an acoustic pop song. "Cup of Coffee" looks at the rough side of a breakup without being sappy. Brawley's vocals have a subtle smoothness to them but enough power when needed during the chorus. This is easily heard on "The Rush" -- a mellow acoustic number that kicks it up a notch at the right moments. He also gets to show off his picking and strumming abilities on "Work It Out" -- a funky acoustic track with a bit of a Dave Matthews vibe to it -- and "As high as you get is as low as you go ... "

The Bad: Some of the long intros could be cut down -- Brawley should focus on the song itself and cut out the unnecessary lead ups that don't seem to fit in. Instrumental tracks "Acts of Kindness" and "Nothing More to Say" felt out of place and superfluous.

The Verdict: The nine-track CD is a solid debut.

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