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Oct. 20 -- Oct. 26, 2005


The Scorpion (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 20)

Mars, the god of war, is in your partnership territory. Therefore it's important not to attack another, verbally or physically. If you have enemies, let them make the first move, and you will be assured of ultimate victory over the issue. Your significant other may be seething with the need to make changes, but it's too soon.

For All Signs Mars, the warrior planet, will be retrograding until mid-December. We're well advised to avoid extending our boundaries or initiating "war" on any front. It's said that the defendant, not the aggressor, will win in any conflict as long as Mars retrogrades. It doesn't matter how big or "right" the primary aggressor may be. The real battle is always the one we carry on within ourselves. When Mars is retrograde, the war is always internal.

Aries Mars is in the sector related to income and outgo. You may feel absolutely compelled to purchase something expensive and impractical. It's better to wait and see how you feel about it in January. Meanwhile, spend only what you must.

Taurus Mars, the warrior, is in your sign until nearly the end of the year. You know you need some changes in attitude and now is the time to probe yourself deeply to identify them. Be careful with your mouth. Anger buried in the past is liable to pop up. Be kind to your body.

Gemini You probably will not have the energy and drive to which you are accustomed. It will do little good to beat yourself up over this issue. Consider that Mars is asking you to slow down, just for a couple of months. Your mind needs a rest. Things will return to normal.

Cancer You may be recognizing the need to back out of some of your friendships and community associations during this period. At minimum you will be reassessing why you are involved and whether you wish to continue in the future. New people who are potential friends are surfacing.

Leo Issues of career and future direction are highlighted. You may have thought you were headed in one direction, and now suddenly you're shifting into neutral or reverse. If this occurs, it's a message to think this one over for awhile. Current frustrations are temporary.

Virgo You will experience delays in activities concerning the law, education and travel until the end of the year. You may have to redo your records in order to accomplish the same thing. If traveling, you may be going back to someplace where you've been before.

Libra Activities concerning taxes, insurance payoffs, government funding and loans will likely be delayed or possibly denied until December. This is a good time to talk with your partner about issues concerning joint resources. It's not a good time to attack.

Sagittarius The warrior energy is now in your house of work and health. Since early October you've been moving as quickly as you can to cover all the bases and still maintain your health routines. It's common to plateau on physical goals, but it's temporary.

Capricorn Mars is retrograding in the house concerning romance, children, gambling and playful activities. You may be strongly inclined to "go back" to a former condition in one or more of these areas. Newer relationships may be put on hold for a few weeks.

Aquarius Mars is retrograding in the territory of your home and property. Because Mars rules machinery and tools of all kinds, there may be breakdowns of household gadgetry that require repair. It's generally better to repair items than to buy new ones while Mars is retrograding.

Pisces Mars is retrograding in the sector that relates to vehicles and tools. Mars may represent the need to make repairs. Don't ignore strange noises. It's possible you're irritated with siblings, roommates or neighbors, but now isn't the time to make that known.

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