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Observer Goes Nuts

Alternate headlines considered

In the days leading up to the NFC Championship game, the editors at the Charlotte Observer (a subsidiary of the Charlotte Chamber) put on their well-worn cheerleader outfits, fluffed up their pompoms, put their heads together and came up with just the cutest li'l ol' headlines we've evah seen, y'all: Panthermania! (how's that for clever?) and -- are you ready? -- Panthermonium! And that doesn't include the post-game headline, Superheroes. You're probably wondering where they come up with these kinds of golden ideas. Luckily for you, a mole at the daily paper told Creative Loafing about the special elite Panther Headline Task Force of which he was a member. Here's an exclusive list provided to us of alternate headlines that were considered for recent editions of the Observer:

1. Panthertastic!

2. Pantherrific!

3. Pantheratious!

4. Pantherlicious!

5. Pantherdigious!

6. Panther-rama!

7. Panther-roni!

8. Cat Scratch Fever!

9. The Cats' Meow!

10. Cats Can Do!

11. Thank You Jesus!

12. Panthers Win! City Shits Its Pants!

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