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Nov. 1 -- Nov. 7, 2006


The Phoenix: (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 20)

This week is quiet until the full moon on the 5th. Then you will be bothered enough to lay some of the cards on the table and take a look at the full picture in your relationships. Step aside from laying blame. It is better to identify issues and take responsibility for your culpability.

For All Signs: Mercury watchers, take note! Mercury turned retrograde Oct. 28 and will remain so until Nov. 16. During this period we may encounter obstacles and chuck holes in previously made plans. Delays and revisions of schedule are likely with lots of "hurry up and wait." The cosmic message to us is "slow down while we reevaluate intentions" or possibly recount ballots. It is possible that past frustrating episodes could offer advice or solutions for present confusion. Notice that Mercury was retrograding in the Bush/Gore competition for presidency.

Aries: It is time to confess, to yourself, if no one else. You may have spent a chunk or borrowed too much, but somehow your financial picture needs a bit of work now. That is a primary project that will probably last a few weeks. Wherever you focus your energy, you need to be careful pay attention to detail.

Taurus: The full moon in your sign on the 5th brings concerns to the fore about your relationships. Concentrate on creating the atmosphere for an open conversation of inquiry. Avoid the temptation to twist words away from the truth and step aside from manipulative games.

Gemini: Your mind may be drifting to a former lover at this time. This one may create a good fantasy, but the reality is altogether something different. You can now find your best resolutions to external problems by remaining still and letting them sit on the shelf in the back of your mind.

Cancer: You may be worried and even agitated about circumstances concerning a child or a lover. One of you is irritating the other. Give it some space and don't try to make an adult do anything. (With children we must play by different rules.) Put your energy into a productive project.

Leo: There is so much energy and life force around you, that it is a wonder if you are not shining too brightly! You seek the beauty, the transcendent, the spiritual and have a great desire to communicate it to others. For you this is a time to be described and shared.

Virgo: You have a desire to contact one or more friends and family that you have not thought about for awhile. You also need an escape from the everyday routine. Taking an overnighter "back" to a place you have previously enjoyed could be refreshing. Give yourself a break.

Libra: You are subject to misunderstanding or misjudging the situation with finances at this time. Don't take major action based upon what you think to be true right this minute. An old or forgotten debt may resurface. Do not jump to conclusions concerning love life. You likely are misreading the cues.

Sagittarius: You have some really bright ideas and can hardly wait to present them to the world. You do not want to read this, but I urge you to wait until December. Right now people are not ready to listen and your audience will be so much more prepared in a few weeks! Write everything down. Your time is coming.

Capricorn: Relationship(s) and sexuality are in the drain right now. They are not going away forever, but your sense of control is evaporating quickly. Perhaps you will be better off without that control. Maybe the relationship will take on a life of its own and go in the direction that it needs to be.

Aquarius: Beware of your tendency to peer through a dark lens this week. Whatever you hear may strike you in the beginning as worse than it really is. Ask questions and seek proof. Knowing that Mercury is retrograde is the ace up your sleeve. Often what we think are "facts" turn out to be fallacies at this time.

Pisces: You may have weekend plans for a fun little getaway. This aspect occurs both the 2nd and 3rd weekends of November, so maybe you will be out and about two times. Be extra careful about communicating as clearly as possible now. Do not assume you know the answers. Ask questions.

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