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Nothin' but a drag thing

Scorpios offers something for every orientation


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We all know Charlotte has a plethora of good shows to attend, but did you know Scorpios offers drag shows on Wednesdays and Sundays? And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there's free beer on Wednesdays with show admission.

Upon entering Scorpios, you'll be greeted by their door girl ... a well-groomed man wearing make-up, as well as a trophy case proudly displaying a rainbow of crowns, trophies and photos from "Miss Scorpio Talent Show," "Miss North Carolina America" and the queen bee title "Miss Gay America," in which the 2007 title belonged to Luscious -- a product of Scorpios.

The crowd consisted of couples of both orientations, straight girls with their gay boyfriends, groups of strickly-dickly girls, men in spandex, power lesbians, swingers and gender benders alike all at the bar being served by the gorgeous, buff and, unfortunately, gay bartenders.

For every show, Scorpios brings in a special guest star. That particular week was Miss Cody, an impersonator, as opposed to a drag queen. "I do Dolly, Reba and Clay Aiken," Cody said.

A man dressing in drag to impersonate Clay Aiken? I suppose that's somewhat fitting.

Scorpios house cast consists of Sabrina Love, Gypsy, Traci Morgan and Brooklyn Dior.

While Love was explaining to me the difference between show girls and pageant girls (the cast being show girls), groupies kept interrupting to tell her how hot she looked.

The show was a lip-synching freak fest. Dior, the emcee, started things off by taking a sexual orientation survey, calling everyone sluts and then breaking it down in a red cat suit to old school Taylor Dayne. Other acts included Angel from RENT banging on a makeshift bucket drum, a dominatrix version of Carrie Underwood and then there was Traci Morgan, who sheds reasonable doubt on the accusation that white boys can't dance. He, she -- whatever you want to call him -- was dropping it to the floor, kicking his leg in the air like a Rockette and bending like a contortionist.

Throughout the show people held dollar bills out to tip, yet there isn't any stripping per say. Well, with the exception of Traci Morgan who was stripping other people. She pulled one girl's shirt down and nibbled on her nipple.

After the show, the crowd retreated to the dance floor, proving the title they earned last year as Best Q.C. Dance Club. You have no choice to dance -- there are no bar stools.

Upon exiting, you'll get an education via the trailer monopolizing the parking lot promoting HIV awareness.

A Scorpios drag show is definitely no drag!


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