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New club looks at the beautiful side of things



Just like every city has a club to dance in, every commonality has a club to unite in. There's the kind of club you can find 50 Cent in, and then there's the kind of club people join to socialize themselves in their hobbies, academic and professional interests, charitable endeavors, religious domains, sexuality ... you name it. From 4-H Club to the Red Hat's, there's a club for everyone. And now the pretty people can join forces and integrate exclusively with Charlotte's Beautiful Club.

Derek Braun created the Beautiful Club to network the aesthetically advantaged in a society of sexy. He, along with his beautiful sponsors like ELEVATE Magazine, have parties once a month in upscale venues (i.e. Sunset Club and Loft 1523). Since it's an invite-only members club, the undesirables are weeded out for you. The Beautiful Club dives off the shallow end and levels out the playing field to where everyone is in the same league. It's like natural selection for mating calls; you don't have to sniff any asses to find a mate.

It's a good thing I write a nightlife column so my moderately-attractive self could snag an invite to their party at Loft last Saturday. They had half the patio blocked off for the beautiful V.I.P and treated them to champagne in satiny cabanas. The invite said dress to impress, and the pretty people definitely complied. I felt like I was at a black-tie function with my low-maintenance denim-clad friends. Some women were under the impression that we were at a slutty dress convention; those showing class, not ass, however, were in fact the beautiful ones. When it comes down to it, we're all hot through the lens of beer goggles.

Even the DJ was beautiful. DJ Rowshay was spinning every genre into a dance song, mixing music like a delicious recipe. He even played a song from Rent. He had the packed dance floor gyrating to the point of sweat. If you ever hear that DJ Rowshay is at a party -- go! I just wish he would have played the Sound of Music's "I feel pretty, oh so pretty."

According to the numbers, there are a lot of pretty people in Charlotte, because the first party at Sunset Club packed the club to where the temperature was as hot as the people, and their second party was oversold by 100.

Pretty in Pink -- The next Beautiful Club event is Aug. 25 on the rooftop of the Arlington -- "the pink" building in the elite Beautiful Club penthouse. Since you're pretty, you should be receiving an invitation any day now.

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