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North Charlotte Rug Store Has Become An Online And Local Leader During The Pandemic



Charlotteans are increasingly skipping big box retailers and finding home décor treasures at local specialty shops

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has ushered in a Golden Age of nesting at home and shopping online, and this phenomenon has had a profound effect on Charlotte’s economy as a whole.

As much as there’s still an ever-present debate about mask mandates and the bottom line impacts of indoor capacity restrictions, the truth is that there have been some silver linings amongst the economic doom and gloom of COVID. It’s no secret that Charlotte’s real estate market has boomed as millennials and other first-time homebuyers have surged property values over the past 18 months, and this has subsequently ushered in a tremendous amount of success for home décor stores throughout the entirety of Mecklenburg County.

Charlotteans are now straying away from cliché big box outlets like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn, and this is mainly because they’re finding unparalleled deals at specialty shops that have invested heavily in their online presence. One of these successful home décor outlets is Rug Source, Inc. that’s located less than a mile away from countless big box outlets at Northlake Mall off of Smith Corners Boulevard.

Although you may have never heard of Rug Source, they’re a locally-owned rug boutique that’s been selling and shipping high-quality rugs throughout the USA in droves since the beginning of the pandemic. Rug Source is one of the many Charlotte-based home décor businesses that shifted their business model online when the first lockdowns set in, and today it only takes a quick Google search oriented around Charlotte, NC rugs to see that they’re one of the top flooring décor retailers in the region.

Shop Local Initiatives Continue To Support Charlotte’s Businesses

Online shopping skyrocketed in 2020, but in-person shopping has slowly but surely made its comeback throughout Charlotte in 2021. We’re now going back to local retail stores and browsing like we used to before the pandemic, and this has helped several commercial districts throughout the city like NoDa and South End bounce back from inevitable downturns.

Although local shopping was already becoming very popular throughout Charlotte prior to the pandemic, there’s no denying that Charlotteans are continuing this trend in recent months with no signs of looking back at big box retailers. Shop Local initiatives have hit their mark in Charlotte much more so than other cities throughout North Carolina, and this is a prime example of an ongoing cultural shift throughout the Queen City.

Local retailers throughout Charlotte took their talents to the Web when things were looking bleak at the start of the pandemic, and these digital investments have continued to provide tangible returns throughout the summer months of 2021. Charlotteans may still be researching online when they’re looking for certain items for their homes or daily needs, but they’re now getting in their cars and going to local shops instead of clicking on convenient BUY NOW icons.

The Future of Locally-Owned Businesses Looks Promising, But Hybrid Stores Still Hold The Advantage

As heart-warming as it is to recognize the upward trends for locally-owned businesses throughout the Queen City, the reality is that Charlotte is an expanding metropolis that hosts hundreds of thousands of people that still outweigh conveniences over ethics when it comes to their shopping.

Rug Source is a Rug Store Charlotte that provides the perfect model for countless other local retailers, because they’ve expanded their client base towards online shoppers all throughout the country while simultaneously maintaining their attention to detail towards local shoppers.

Charlotte retail businesses of all types are essentially going to be forced into a hybrid business model in which in-person and online clients are equally valued, because maintaining profit margins in the age of COVID as a local store truly requires a Survival of the Fittest adaptation to remain relevant.

But the good news is that local stores in Charlotte like Rug Source jumped in on online investments at the right time, and the ripple effects of these investments continue to display themselves through local shoppers walking through their doors!


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