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North Carolina is in the Top 5 States to Move to After Divorce


Successful completion of the divorce process brings new hope for many people who were previously in an unhappy marriage. Trying to start life from scratch is no longer a poetic metaphor. It is a real call to action. And some divorced men and women, taking it literally, do not limit themselves to mental and geographical boundaries. To completely "zero out" their marriage, they eliminate any surroundings that cause associations with the former relationship.

Thus, in recent decades, already in the era of social networks and the rapid development of digital industries and new professions, internal migration in the United States continues to gain popularity as a concept of finding new happiness. Men and women who have recently gone through harsh, debilitating divorce proceedings and have decisively emerged from a toxic family relationship are moving to other states to find themselves.

Moreover, divorces can often be a seismic life shift, often leading to a separation of finances and one party moving to a new home. Magnify Money performed an extraordinary study to rank popular destinations in the United States for people after divorce. The results of the study revealed several interesting facts about the moods of divorced Americans and theoretically attractive locations for starting a new life.

For example, Florida is the top destination for newly divorced men, with an estimated 2,581 heading there within 12 months of their divorce. North Carolina and California are in second and third, respectively. The study notes that divorced men and women are equally likely to move to a new state, while about 0.5% move to the United States from other countries. Texas is the most popular destination for newly divorced women, with an estimated 4,828 heading there, with Florida having the 2nd highest appeal.

To get this information, Magnify Money used microdata from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey for one year to estimate the number of men and women that divorced in the 12 months preceding the survey and those that moved during those 12 months.

“It's amazing how commonplace internal migration within the country has become for people who have just changed their marital status,” comments Bob Butterworth, CEO and co-founder of Сomplete Сase, the popular web service for online divorce documents preparation. He considers the trend of relocation after divorce for individuals quite a normal and healthy phenomenon.

Indeed, it is difficult to disagree that personal happiness is strictly individual, and everyone understands it differently. “For some reason, it is customary in society to congratulate couples on getting married, but no one congratulates people on getting out of toxic relationships. A successful divorce, moving to a new place, and beginning of a new stage in life is also a great personal achievement,” adds Butterworth.

Meanwhile, the study does not answer why the top 5 states attract divorced men and women. Texas, Florida, and California top the list for divorced women to move to, but these states also have many divorced women leaving the state. North Carolina is more attractive for divorced men for some reason.

Some other key findings from the study state that an estimated 43% of men living in Alaska when they were divorced left for another state within a year. The same was true for 40% of newly divorced men in the District of Columbia and 23% in Montana. An estimated 10% of women in either Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, or Alaska when they were divorced left the state within a year.

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