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No boat? No problem


I may not be a meteorologist, but I can tell you the heat and humidity are reaching levels incompatible with survival, even after the sun goes down. But don't sweat or sweat it because there are (literally) cool parties on the lake. Like actually on the lake ... on a boat (and submerged in water).

Don't have a boat or a friend with a boat? Don't sweat that either because you can rent one. Cason-Point: Duffy Boats and Ragin' Uptown Party Yachts.

A Duffy is an all-weather electric boat straight out of Southern California. It's like the American gondola. The company even hosts sunset wine-tasting cruises on Mondays via the Lake Norman Cottage, the wine shop next to North Harbor Club where you can dock your Duffy. Check out the rental pricing at

Duffys are good for a slow-paced, low-key night out or romantic date ... but if you want to get ragin' on the water, there's the Ragin' Uptown Party Yacht for that.

Every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it's anchors up for Anchors Island -- which is actually a 90-foot Ragin' Uptown charter yacht equipped with a cash bar, live music, Kiss 95.1 DJ and a water slide.

And the best part about this floating club: There's no cover! It's free. All aboard! You simply register online at, or hit up any of the Fox and the Hound locations for a VIP pass -- then just show up at the Fox and the Hound in Birkdale Village Saturday morning. And while you're there, run over to Red Rocks and try the "Brittney Cason Sweet Tea Mojito" off their cocktail menu -- it's a little Southern and a little Spanish, just like me.

Another option to staying cool at the lake is strapping on some floaties and swimming out to the hottest "bar" on the lake, the Sand Bar. There, you can climb onto one of the tied-up boats that makes up the actual bar -- whatever floats your nonexistent boat. But remember, when you party on the water be sure to wear protection ... as in a life vest.

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