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Ever noticed how electronica guys are really into labels? There's the obvious way the genres split up like bacteria and then mutate into the next dance-music pandemic. You know, electro-techno-house-ambient-acidjazz-trance-drum'n'big-beat-bass-edelic. But these folks're also big into record labels. Hell, there's a record label for every electronics act out there. You got your AirMass, your Astralwerks, your Blunted Funk and your Cosmic Sofa. You got your Defected and Defunked, your Dust Trax, Mo'Wax, your NinjaTune turtle wax. Which leads us to Charlotte-based electronics duo Nktar, collective name of Spyteck (born Jeff Nagel) and Tropa (nee Brian Paterson). These fellers put lots of those labels in a blender and then spit 'em out in DJ and live-PA performances all across the South and even yonder across the Mason-Dixon line. (Maybe let's call their new mutation Southern Bloc Rockin' Beats. Heh-heh. Or maybe let's don't.) So anyhow, them Nktar boys have themselves an album, Disaster Relief, comin' out presently on Outside Recordings. Go listen to a few trax at Then come on back here and check out these five nuggets of hype that're bloc-rockin' Nktar's world:

1. Pyramid Transmissions. "A London-based electro label with such artists as Pathic and ADJ. Downloads available:"

2. The Designed Disorder ( "dD is a new electronic music label, fashioned after the experimental sound of NOW, helping facilitate the sound of the future. Purchases made from the dD Web site will contribute to donations toward the Red Cross, Amnesty International and other world-wide relief funds."

3.Boomkat. "Big-time electronic music specialists located in Machester, UK, from the weird (but always quality!) to the wonderful of the latest CD and vinyl releases! Check out the mint labels/artist guide page as well. Online shop:"

4. .ISM Quarterly. "This is how it describes itself: 'Life glued together almost like a magazine -- the only periodical of its kind whose entire content is driven by the submissions of its readership, including a free CD in every issue of music/films submitted by musicians/filmmakers.' Go to"

5. Outside Recordings. "North Carolina's ace Outside imprint has already carved a niche for itself with a demented spin on that hardy perennial, spannered electro. EPs from Ben Milstein, Carl Finlow and Daz Quayle's Scarletron have damaged our speakers recently with rugged mash-ups and schizoid jacking a given. Nktar is the latest addition to Outside's increasingly righteous roster."

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