Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Spindrift, Little Bull Lee

When: Tue., Nov. 5 2013


Have you ever had a glimpse of the infinite, the realization that we all travel the cosmos on our tiny blue planet? When all their interstellar warp drives were firing, British space rockers Hawkwind tapped into that sense of wonder, fusing it to proto-punk crunch, swirly synths and skronking sax. A co-founder of Hawkwind in the late ’60s, Nik Turner supplied the sax, along with spacey flute and songwriting chops that propelled the Hawk’s finest moments, like “Silver Machine.” Part psychonautic seer, part loose cannon, Turner’s been kicked out of Hawkwind twice. His inventive solo career has been all over the map, veering from eerily sacred flute warblings recorded inside the Great Pyramid of Giza to big band swing cut with a new age commune. Barred from using the name “Hawkwind,” Turner’s current collective is closer to the spirit and sound of classic HW than any official incarnation. On newest single “Fallen Angel STS-51-L,” Turner spouts gnomic nonsense from mission control over crunchy guitar, glam-stomping drums and a nebula of layered mellotrons. It nails the crazy cool, kinda adolescent appeal of timeless Hawkwind, a mix of the awe-inspiring and thuddingly obvious that fuels the best rock ‘n roll. (Pat Moran)

Price: $12

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