Nightlife: The Great Southern Exposure

When: Sat., Dec. 3, 8 p.m. 2011

Absolutely no nipples, pubic hair, buttcracks and/or other x-rated areas below the belt are permitted to pop out during the course of The Great Southern Exposure, an annual burlesque and variety pageant glitzing up Visulite Theatre on Dec. 3. This rule, along with others found on the event's website, is a big no-no. Naughtiness doesn't have to mean nudiness, and if there's one thing burlesque preaches, it's sexiness in the subtle. The pageant illuminates the talents of a jumble of glamorous performers, including the Q.C.'s own Big Mamma D and Selia D'Katzmeow (the lovely lady pictured), who plan to roll out their best moves and theatrics. In doing so, they hope to pick up a title (like Queen and King of Southern Exposure, Princess and Prince of Southern Exposure, and other categories). For more details and to watch a video with photos of performers, visit www.greatsouthernexposure.com.

Anita Overcash

Price: $25