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Nightlife profile: Trisha LeAnn



At first glance, you probably wouldn't think this Italian-American beauty is a member of the historically black sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, or one of the hottest up-and-coming nightlife promoters in town. But at the age of 31, Trisha LeAnn is breaking boundaries in the Queen City and having a great time doing it.

Creative Loafing: How did you get involved in urban nightlife and promotions, and why do you feel you've been so well-received in the urban community?

Trisha LeAnn: I've always enjoyed doing things outside of the typical club scene but noticed those events tended to receive poor publicity. I began publicizing the events myself, thinking other people would also enjoy this. I've always loved to cross cultural boundaries and try to create a welcoming environment in any atmosphere with hopes that others are also able to embrace the opportunity they are experiencing.

The streets are buzzing about PlayDate, one of the biggest events you help promote — how did you become involved with that and what makes it so unique?

I got my start in promotions as social media director for On Q Productions, then held the same title with Unique Affairs Inc., the company that introduced PlayDate to Charlotte. The COO, Trina Harris, had an idea to bring an alternative evening of cocktails, music and games from childhood to the city, but with an adult twist. The event just took off.

Tell me more about your company Trisha LeAnn Communications, and what you hope to bring to the city.

The concept behind the company is to market, promote and publicize people and events that could use more exposure. I hope to enlighten people and show them things outside of their typical norm. It could be a day festival; it could be a party; it could be an art opening. My company is here to bridge that gap.

You've lived in Atlanta and a host of other cities — what do you feel makes Charlotte nightlife unique?

Cities like Atlanta are cool because they offer a multitude of things to do on any given night, but Charlotte provides more longevity and consistency with its events. The city seems to capture, embrace and cater to what the people enjoy. There's a certain energy here ... and an eclectic mix of people that you just don't find anywhere else.

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