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Nightlife profile: Scottie Crowe



Deep in the dimly lit Moroccan lounge, VIP server Scottie Crowe waits to cater to the needs of Kazba's VIP patrons. Because of the congested crowd, Crowe has acquired stealthy maneuvering skills around gyrating dancers and hordes of mingling patrons — which she learned the hard way, after being stepped on and knocked over countless times. As the night progresses and the club vibe becomes infectious, Crowe ends up dancing while topping off rounds at tables. Even on her nights off — a time when most of us would try to avoid going into work — Crowe straps on sultry heals and a cute dress and heads back to Kazba to party with friends and enjoy the exclusive festivities hosted at the EpiCentre upscale lounge.

Creative Loafing: What type of VIP treatment do you and the other servers provide to Kazba patrons?

Scottie Crowe: We provide bottle service, cocktail service and appetizers to our guests. If our table has any special requests, we do our best to fulfill them. Different events can require different efforts, but VIP treatment can vary based solely on the table itself. It all depends on what the clients of the event or the table has requested.

Have you ever witnessed any scandalous behavior going on in one of the VIP sections?

Well, when you have Kazba's combination of great music, choice beverages and sexy atmosphere, it could make anyone feel like getting a little scandalous. My philosophy is, what happens at Kazba, stays at Kazba.

Have you ever been hit on, or have you ever put the moves on any of the hunky patrons?

Well, there are some very attractive men that frequent Kazba, but while I'm working, busting out pickup lines is the last thing on my mind. As for men hitting on me, I don't really pay attention to it. It does happen from time to time, but I just figure that it's because I'm the one with access to the table's alcohol.

In the time that you've worked there, have you noticed a change in the types of clients each event attracts or how Kazba has altered Charlotte's nightlife?

The creators of Kazba got their inspiration from clubs in Miami, Vegas and New York. They wanted to bring a fresh vibe and atmosphere to the Charlotte scene, and I think that Kazba has accomplished that. In my experience, Kazba has always attracted a classy, sexy and fun clientele. We host different events that bring in new people, but we also have a strong following of regulars. Having that strong following of regulars is a positive validation to all of us that work there. It allows us to know that we are providing a good experience to our guests.