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Promoter, touring DJ, producer, manager, label A&R guy, music industry analyst and booking agent — Mindelixir isn't kidding when he says he barely has time to sleep. The Charlotte-based music machine has seen more success than he ever imagined; his monthly bass party, Bass Church (the next one happening Jan. 21 at Neighborhood Theatre), draws an impressive crowd, and last year he played the three-day bonanza that was Asheville's Moogfest.

Creative Loafing: Did you have an "aha!" moment with your music?

Mindelixir: I've been making electronic music and playing guitar since I was about 13. I never even thought about being part of the "scene" until I was at a friend's gig and they gave me a shot and convinced me to step in on guitar. I had a blast and when I got offstage, the bartender asked if I wanted anything. I said "No, I'm broke." The bartender laughed and said, "I'll put it on the band tab," and forever my life was changed.

As Charlotte's nightlife has evolved, how has your career evolved?

The past three to five years have been a wild ride. Electronic music has seeped into a wider audience's consciousness, allowing me to throw shows I wouldn't have dared throw five years ago. I've tried just about everything in terms of promoting shows, and it's kind of funny how it's all worked out for me. I've promoted jazz gigs, hip-hop shows, funk shows, jam shows, dubstep parties and everything in between, but I've always booked what I wanted to, rather than what would make me money. What I wanted five years ago was not even close to what would make a successful show (financially), and we were only pulling a hundred or so people back then. On a good night with an extremely diverse lineup we could do like 200-450. I used to think about how to "serve" markets, and I've lost all kinds of money throwing shows to try and make a profit. The first time I threw a show with zero intention of it being successful, it was the most successful show I'd thrown. This was about a year ago and since then, I don't even think about "serving a market." I just try to put together the best show I can with the resources I have, and luckily there's a large number of people in Charlotte who are into what I'm into.

When you do find time to lay your head on the pillow, would you say you go to sleep satisfied?

I'd always been interested in video games and technology and had dreams as a kid of being a recognized figure in the music industry for cutting edge electronic music. I never thought it would really happen, but I'm working as hard as I can to maintain my position. It's amazing to see the growth that's occurred here, particularly in electronic music and bass heavy music specifically. The entire Southeast is starting to develop a reputation for being a good place for bass, and I'd like to think that my work in the region has had something to do with it.


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