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Nightlife profile: Jody Sullivan


The Breakfast Club, as owner Jody Sullivan likes to say, is the nightclub for people who don't go to nightclubs. You'll find no velvet rope, no specific dress code and no VIP to the all-inspired '80s nightspot. You will also not find the owner behind the bar serving drinks or tucked away in a back corner office — he's the one mixing vinyl records in the DJ booth.

Creative Loafing: Given your obvious love of music, were you ever in a band or performer in school?

Jody Sullivan: Never — that's where it's kind of funny. In school, I got a [degree] in psychology in human services and sociology minor, so I was headed toward law enforcement.

Where does your nickname JodyJam come from?

I got the nickname from break dancing back in high school. I was always into music, break dancing and that segued naturally into the DJing. So that name just kind of stuck with me.

How did you come up with the '80s themed nightclub?

I try to find things other people are not doing in the area, which is why the '80s club has been successful. I was part owner of another club in the 1990s, so I could throw my input in and try these things and that's when I started DJing an '80s night. I knew this fun retro theme would work.

How do you move between your roles at the Breakfast Club?

I play the DJ role probably 80 percent and owner 20 percent. When I walk in the door, I am nit-picking everything, moving everything around. I am just non-stop for that two hours, making sure everything looks right, sounds right, and then boom — now all the walk-ins are coming in at 10:30 p.m., 11 p.m., so then I step into the DJ booth and I'm there for the night.

What makes you different from other DJs?

I can tell you right now there is no other nightclub or dance club in Charlotte that has a DJ playing vinyl records. They sound awesome.

Are you looking to expand at all?

Club JET Ultra Lounge, at 1202 Charlottetowne Ave., is opening Friday, Dec. 10. Music format [will be] R&B, house, hip-hop and reggae.

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