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Nightlife profile: Jessica Schroeck

Owner of Go Girl Entertainment


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Founded and run by Jessica Schroeck, Go Girl Entertainment is the go-to place for Charlotte go-go dancers. GGE dancers provide cheers and moves across the Charlotte area, everywhere from NASCAR races to Uptown shindigs. Modern go-go dancers are the high-energy party promoters with the endurance of the Energizer Bunny, grooving atop platforms, stages or in cages, leading the crowd by example. Schroeck not only dances but books talent to work with popular DJs during swanky birthday parties and in Uptown's club scene. GGE has worked with big names like Ke$ha, Kevin Rudolf and The Backstreet Boys who travel to the Charlotte area and need dancers to warm up the crowd.

At the moment, Schroeck does all this single-handedly. The former member of the Charlotte Bobcats' Lady Cats stays busy: Besides running GGE, she works as a model and promotional girl across the Carolinas. She has also used that go-go-go energy to help the cats and pups of the Humane Society of Charlotte as an Adoption Counselor and currently fosters animals looking for a good home. The Charlotte-based business is small, but Schroeck is keeping an eye out for the right opportunities to expand. Who's ready to rock some go-go boots?

Creative Loafing: How did Go Girl Entertainment get its start?

Jessica Schroeck: Go Girl Entertainment started in 2006, when my friend Shannon Cruz and I decided that we wanted to try go-go dancing in Charlotte. We went to the Forum [a local club that has since closed and reopened as Phoenix] and asked them to try us out. They agreed and they liked us, so they would ask us back for special events. Shannon later moved to Las Vegas, so I took over and started booking girls for events and clubs.

What do you look for in a go-go dancer?

Go-go dancers are sexy improv dancers who provide energy and atmosphere to any event or club. We get the crowd pumped up so that people are more comfortable dancing. I make sure the dancers are classy and don't do certain moves that may put them in another category. You have to make sure the girls have rhythm, have their own style of dancing and are not shy!

Do you have any advice for aspiring go-go dancers?

Be in shape! The sets last for 40 minutes straight, the dancers take short breaks between sets, and the sets continue over the course of three hours. It can be long and tiring.

What's the best part of it all?

My favorite part of the job is just being able to be up there; I can dance however I want, no one can bother me, and it's an insane workout.

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