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Nightlife profile: DJ Complete


Touring and sharing the stage with mainstream artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Sean Kingston, DJ Complete has made a name for himself based on his capacity to deliver the "complete" package during any performance. The official DJ of the Charlotte Bobcats and producer of the hit song "I Love Charlotte," he has the ability to adapt to any venue and appeal to the ear of his audiences through a wide range of styles. During CIAA, in addition to orchestrating music at Wet Willie's, Apostrophe Lounge and Mortimer's, he'll also be battling as the returning champion at the McDonald's DJ Flavor Battle on March 5 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Creative Loafing: What first sparked your interest in DJing?

DJ Complete: Well, it was crazy; my parents would always have parties when I was younger. I was probably like 7 years old. I would always sit by the CD player, play different songs and watch how people reacted. I guess you could say that was my first little taste of it.

What's the craziest experience you've ever had performing in Charlotte?

Definitely winning the 2010 DJ competition. It was the McDonald's Spin-Off during CIAA last year, between me and nine other regional DJs. The crowd was crazy. I felt like the biggest celebrity after that show; people came up to me, asking me for my autograph.

What sets you apart from other entertainers in your profession?

I think I'm able to draw from different kinds of styles. I like the fact that I can rock and urban party, then go do a house gig, or a college night and then play a corporate gig. I try to be as well-rounded as possible. I spend a lot of time on my "turntablism" as well; I'm only four years into it. I put a lot of work into that because I know it's a very important part. I want to be able to do shows where I'm five minutes in and doing tricks. My main strength is scratching, but I'm trying to improve more on my juggling skills and advance my scratching techniques.

What are your goals for 2011?

Wow, so many. I'm really getting a lot more into production and songwriting. I'm working with [DJ] A-Styles. We got a couple of songs with the Ying Yang Twins that are in the production phase. I'm working on High Beams Vol. 2. It's an all-star mix of rappers who aren't signed to major labels. My goal is to be able to eat off this for the rest of my life and do it out of Charlotte. People should support it because it's a chance for them to listen to a well-packaged, well-produced product that features music the average person isn't listening to because it's not on the radio.

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