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Nightlife profile: Cam-Ranh Chandler



Cam-Ranh Chandler is a flower child born in the wrong era. The 21 year-old singer is in love with love and wants to share that with the Queen City. As she puts it, "It hurts. Love hurts. Love is a very emotional word. It's a very descriptive word. That's why I love to use it." When she's not belting out blues at Mez, you can find Chandler dancing on stages (and tables) at Suite, Mez and Halo. Chandler is also a model for Rebelist and Easy Riders magazines. Chandler recently took the time to talk about her various ventures and wax philosophic with Creative Loafing.

Creative Loafing: Tell me about what you're doing with your career. I know you have your hands in several pots.

Cam-Ranh Chandler: Right now, the "career" ... is trying to do me. But I lock myself in my humble home ... and I work on music. I like to dabble on the computer and [in] the studio. I'm producing music myself for the first time. Digitally, you know. I've always done everything acoustic or live, but the digital stuff is very interesting.

So your primary focus is your singing. What are you hoping to do with that in the future?

I am writing an album right now. I've met wonderful musicians and I'm kind of fondling the idea that's in my head with all my influences of life right now. I'm being very careful because I'm such a baby and I'm learning from watching myself. And it's absolutely awesome. I can't believe how far I've come ... It's kind of like a big world of high school. The world is a gigantic soap opera.

Do you ever perform music live?

Yes, I do. I've got a show coming up at a music festival in Belmont that I'll be posting information about very soon. [It's] on my Facebook until I get my website up.

What's the driving force behind your nightlife work?

To make people smile. To make them connect their emotions. Not to make them, I guess that's the wrong terminology. I suppose I'm always searching for somebody to connect to. I'm a very emotional spirit. I'm very free-spirited. I'm very open. I'm always looking for help that I can be a part of. Something that I can do to make the world a better place because the world has made my life a better place.

How do your nightlife gigs affect the sorts of relationships you have?

I seem to find a lot of the same things everywhere I go. I have very unique friends. Everybody that I've met is extremely unique and they love that I'm unique. It's different at night because no one's afraid. They're not scared of the dark and I think that's beautiful. I've always been scared of the dark, so I force myself into that situation. I braved it out, and it's not as bad as you might think. It's OK to be scared. It's more OK to be brave.