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Alarica Starchaser wants to let you know that it's OK to have a fetish. As a go-go dancer for Single Cell Productions for the past five years, she supports it, and it's her job to make you comfortable at Charlotte's largest fetish parties, Alloy at Closet and Decadence Project at Amos' Southend.

Creative Loafing: What exactly do you do with Single Cell?

Alarica Starchaser: Single Cell Productions is an entertainment company a little different than your regular club scene. We offer a little more appealing eye candy. I'm a go-go dancer for them; I'm basically there to get the crowd up and going. If I'm not dancing, I walk around and try to talk to everybody, see who's new, see who's not, thank those who aren't for coming back and get the new ones to want to come back, even if it takes buying them a drink. It's kind of scary walking into a S.C. production — like for people who go to the Panthers games who don't know anything about fetishes. They walk into Amos' and see girls walking around with tape on their nipples and a bikini bottom. I try to make them feel like it's all right — everybody has their fetish. Even if you don't really have a fetish, it's fun to drink, dance or whatever your vice is.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love dancing. Everybody has a different type of dancing, and at Decadence and Alloy, nobody thinks a difference about how you're dancing. It just gives me an opportunity, no matter what happened that day, whether I got mad or if I'm sad or angry, I'm able to dance it out, my aggression, onto the dance floor.

What kind of people do you see at events?

You'll have people who don't go out on a regular club night because they have kids or they're working. So they will take time off for Decadence Project. It's more time that they can let themselves go, and be free, and share who they really are. You'll have certain people dressed up in latex, and that's their fetish. Then you'll have other people who are wandering off the streets, who have no clue what they are walking into. Part of my job, along with everybody else at the Single Cell family, is to make them feel welcome and make them want to come back and not be scared.

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