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Little Shiva and Jenn Jacobsen

For once, Charlotte was way ahead of the times -- and in the area of gender issues, no less! Late last August, Little Shiva, the esteemed editrix of local "zine QZ and self-described Minister of Fun, got married downtown at the courthouse. Sounds kind of old-fashioned, huh? And it was, except that her betrothed was Jenn Jacobsen, a male-to-female pre-op transsexual with gender dysphoria who, technically at least for now, is a man. The pair, wearing matching red dresses and trailing a small entourage, attracted gawkers galore uptown as they made their way to the courthouse. Once there, a friend played the accordion, the lovebirds showed their papers and they were wed in short order. The judge was in such good spirits, she even asked for e-mail copies of the photos. The bride kissed the bride and all was well. Somewhere, Bill James broke out in a cold sweat.

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