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New Reality Show Based in Charlotte

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Charlotte NC, August 11, 2020 ( – “Hustle to Play” debuts the come up of two best friend entrepreneurs who travel, party, and live an adventurous lifestyle. The show is an original idea by Dramax which is owned by the duo entrepreneurs Jamal D Moore and Reda Hamoud, who star in ”Hustle to Play”. After knowing each other for less than three months,

Jamal and Reda became best friends as they share the same energy and drive to be successful in life. Moore who is a published author, outgoing and business-oriented moved to Charlotte to pursue his dreams. He met Hamoud, a laidback and creative artist, who came to Charlotte to obtain his engineering degree. The two met as neighbors and teamed up to host a small gathering for their complex.

“I never thought I will be building a new friendship that will change my career. I have always wanted to be my own boss. Now, I have the friend who gives the most motivation and support along this journey.” said Reda Hamoud, co-star of “Hustle to Play”. “Hustle to Play” documents the ups and downs of their friendship, epic adventures, and their startup company “LiVV”. “I’m excited about this show. I feel it will inspire a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs and friendships to build something meaningful. It will also be entertaining to see the challenges we face.” said Jamal Moore, co-star in “Hustle to Play”. The Charlotte-based show is planning to premier the fall of 2020 and will be available to stream on YouTube.

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