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New music continues from local hip-hop artists



Here's a look at three recent, local hip-hop deliveries:

First in Flight -- The Charlotte foursome is set to release their debut CD, 1903, this fall. You'd think a group with four MCs -- Pradigy, Young B, Terry, J. Sealy -- could get hectic, but they don't overlap and work smoothly with each other. There are even hints of Outkast in their flow; it's no surprise to hear "so fresh and so clean" in the lyrics to "Fresher Than That."

Nelace -- First impressions tell me Nelace is spending as much time on his lyrics as he is on the overall song. Mr. Beatsmith's beats act as much of an artist as Nelace. It's not simple grooves in the background of Ingredients, it's almost like a second MC. Nelace has cooked up something fresh.

Major League -- The group's CD, Opening Day, hits with an old-school groove. Down-to-earth beats and easy-going flow contribute to a soulful style. While the album stays on the slow and mellow side, "Pokerface" offers a jumped-up track that almost seems out of place. Moments of static -- think record player -- add to the yesterday sound.

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